Create playlists from pages of music or video files with these bookmarklets:

Alternatively, enter the address of any web page that contains links to music files:


The bookmarklets on this page can be used on any web page that contains links to audio files; those pages will be added to the database of new playlists, too.

To use the bookmarklets, drag the link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar, navigate to a page containing linked audio files, then press the bookmarklet to generate a playlist.

M3U playlists play best in WinAMP or QuickTime, SMIL playlists play best in RealPlayer, while Flash playlists use the XSPF Web Music Player to play within a web browser. RSS playlists are media feeds that can be subscribed to in iTunes using the 'Subscribe to Podcast' menu option, as well as other podcast clients.

The 'New Playlists' section contains all the playlists that other people have made, including a link to the original page.

The 'Music Weblogs' page contains playlists that change often. These are the best playlists to subscribe to in media feed aggregators such as iTunes, via the 'Podcast' link.

For any questions, suggestions or bug reports, send an email.